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Family United Transportation mission is to build healthy and safer communities by uniting families and keeping them connected! "Keeping Families Connected!" We believe in family unity. Our services are provided to families with loved ones incarcerated in Missouri and Kansas prisons. We serve both minimum and maximum level facilities. Our goal is to engage with the families and be a part of the rehabilitation process for those incarcerated and their children left behind.


The United States has the highest population of incarcerated persons than any other country. According to the Bureau of Justice, there are 1,524,513 prisoners in state and federal prisons. When local jails are included, the total climbs to 2,284,913.  Missouri is on the list for housing the largest numbers of individuals incarcerated in the Midwest.

Solid family ties during imprisonment will have a positive impact on offenders returning home, improves the success on recidivism, and has a higher rate of family reunification. Customary parental visits are essential to the welfare of children, incarcerated men and women, and the society as a whole. Children with regular parental visits demonstrate better emotional and social adjustment.

Most prisons are more than two hours away; which means that traveling long distances to visit loved ones can become challenging and often overwhelming for the families. Many family members have inadequate or no transportation available. In addition, they may experience difficulty arranging transportation.  Family United Transportation recognizes and supports family involvement.

"Time served without family support is far worse than serving the time!" Audra McLeod, Founder & Owner Family United Transportation Service.