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Family United Transportation provides its services to families with loved ones incarcerated in Missouri and Kansas prisons.

Our vision is to have increased family support and community participation.

Routine visits with loved ones will...

  • Decrease recidivism
  • Reduce their depression levels
  • Increase their motivation to become successful during the reentry process
  • Increase their levels of love and self-esteem
  • Increase parental bonding with their children
  • Reduce crime activities in the community

Family United Transportation believes in putting families first.

Want to learn more about our services? Contact us today, (816) 533-5622. To request additional information, send an email to

St. Louis, MO: Contact (314) 472-5257 or email _______________________________________________________________

JULY 2014 Calendar of Prison Trips

  • Boonville - Sunday, July 13
  • Algoa/Jefferson City - Sunday, July 20
  • Lansing - Friday, July 25
  • Western MO/Crossroads - Saturday, July 26
  • Hutchinson - Sunday, July 27

*Special Request: Norton, KS - Friday-Sunday (August 22-24)

Calendars may change due to several requests for a particular facility. Email your request to or call (816) 533-5622 and leave us a message.

*Must be a minimum of five (5) adults to travel. Please see terms for reservations.  _______________________________________________________________


"I haven't seen my husband in six years. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to visit South Central Correctional Center. Many blessings to you and your family." Sincerely, Ms. Davis 6/14/2014

"I am thankful for this transportation. My husband is getting older and we need to keep the connection for my son until he is out of the system. Thank you Ms. McLeod for responding to my voicemail so quickly." A. Chaney 9/2013

"Doing a great service to keep families connected." M. Ragland 9/2013

"The owner's are very nice and courteous!. I think its a wonderful way to stay connected!" L. Brown 8/2013

"I just wanted to say, thank you for taking us to see my son yesterday at the South Central Correctional Center. If it wasn't for your transportation service, I would not have seen my son for another year or so. I look forward to traveling with you again. You are truly a blessing. Thank you." S. Horne 3/2013


Project Ride™ gives children visiting an incarcerated parent the opportunity to ride with Family United Transportation Service for FREE! Why? Children are the "Innocent" victims left behind. Studies show children with incarcerated parents have psychological, social, and emotional challenges in their lifetime. Bonding with the incarcerated parent decreases challenges and allows for stronger family ties, reunification during reentry process, and builds higher levels of self esteem for children and their parents. It also allows for us to grant scholarships for parents visiting an incarcerated child if they are committed to volunteering with a local non profit.

*Some rules and restrictions may apply! Ask for details when making reservations.


Your GIFT of $5.00 gives us the opportunity to let children ride FREE!

GIFT via Paypal: Click on the "Correctional Facilities" tab and scroll down.

Please make checks payable to:

Family United Transportation Service

P.O. Box 11904

Kansas City, MO 64138-9996